A must-see for those involved in knit design!

SHIMA Datamall is an online service specially made for knitwear.

It provides a wide variety of content that can be used from planning to production.

What SHIMA Datamall provides

  • Free searching and browsing for everyone
  • Gather information from extensive database for use in all stages from product planning to production
  • Communication tool between apparel companies and knit manufacturers
  • Purchase original knit sample data*
  • Purchase knit design data and 3D pattern data*
  • Combining various SHIMA SEIKI products and services promotes digitalization and improves work efficiency

*Data can only be purchased by SHIMA SEIKI Users. (Type of data that can be purchased depends on the SHIMA SEIKI product being used.)

Extensive database of over 8,000 items

  • Knit Item Data
    Knit Item Data
    Knit data for SHIMA SEIKI original knit samples
  • Knit Design Data
    Knit Design Data
    Jacquard patterns and other knit designs
  • 3D Model Patterns
    3D Model Patterns
    Data that forms the basis
    for 3D virtual samples


  • Search

  • Browse

  • Purchase

  • Arrange

On SHIMA Datamall, you can browse knit samples made with the latest knitting technology that can be used on SHIMA SEIKI flat knitting machines as well as detailed sample information for free. Users of SDS-ONE APEX series and APEXFiz can download knitting data, pattern data and 3D virtual sample data for product planning.

Achieve smooth communication in manufacturing

Useful for communication between apparel company and knit manufacturer

Users of SHIMA SEIKI products can combine SHIMA Datamall content with other services such as yarnbank to further promote digitalization and improve business efficiency.

3 easy steps for signing up

Searching and browsing are free for everyone.

  • Access website
  • Receive & Input authorization code
  • Register information